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 Tantra Rituals for couples 

Couple tantra massage rituals in tantra teaching context


Polygamy or monogamy?

Tantra attempts to lead people, who decided to take the path, also towards true viewing their feelings and needs and to not only admit to those but also fulfil them in an acceptable and satisfying way. Let’s focus together on erotic needs of an individual in with a partner. Most gay couples  after the initial phase of being in love face the question of openness towards other people as well as an issue of being faithful, jealous or mutual borders. If we look at the development of the issue we find out that biologically a man is born in polygamy. The hormonal setting was in past securing the survival of species.  Not always a biologically compatible man is also suitable as the one who takes care about the family. So we know it is biologically natural to feel attracted and excited towards another person than our partner. The question is how much we can fall for our desires and to what extent to react according to reason and personal morals? Let have a look further.

The same motive as a survival of species led to monogamy later. At the time the society has a class structure, people had to form firmly operating units  without which they would not be able to survive economically. Only strict monogamy could ensure cohesion and firmness of marriage hence a whole family stability. Sexual freedom was judged very unfavourably and negatively persecuted. Today the situation is completely different. Nowadays wages are based on qualifications and individual abilities and the pressure of economic connections of partners decreased majorly. Society morals also dropped down and people follow paths of individuals and fulfilling their own needs regardless judging of differences. Each pair can freely decide what limits of intimacy they choose towards other people. Even a pair is created by two different individuals who live together but their needs can vary. To what extent it is suitable to adjust to each other for the sake of preserving the relation? Do we have to give up a part of our own personality? People still look out for answers to such questions that create conflict within themselves. So the fact is that a large percentage of men  experienced infidelity during their lives (either theirs or their partner´s). Infidelity often means something destructive for a couple. It is usually secretive and not spoken about until a partner finds out and damages the relationship. To break the seal of fidelity means a partner who was cheated on feels threatened by a possible leaving of a partner, betrayed and fears he/she is not good enough for a partner anymore.

Tantra seeks answers to the questions in a complete mutual openness and trust; believing anyone can tell anything about desires to a partner and the relationship will remain functional and it seeks fulfilment of individual needs of partners within safe framework. Tantra offer providing such limits. Tantra massage for couples is a real safe way to experiment, let both partners seek what tantra touching feels like without threatening their relationship for the limits of tantra massages are set clearly and a masseur or a masseuse should not overcome the massage limits. They remain guides. Any relations in common life after the massage are forbidden. Not one of the partners ought to feel threatened and can fully enjoy and discover the feelings a massage brings. Tantra massage offers a large variability as for a concrete form of a ritual. Read the following lines and try realising what feels most intimate and close to you independently on your partner. Prior to tantra massage ritual it is recommended to openly discuss things. You will save yourself troubles and stress and the whole ritual will become an experience you will like to remember.

Tantra massage rituals for open-minded gay couples  who need enough space.

At the beginning you need to realise whether you feel better if a partner stays with you during the whole time of a tantra massage or his presence might block your feelings (for example for jealousy reasons). Then you choose whether to be together in the room and enjoy the view of your beloved partner or enjoy the massage in a separate room where you can open yourselves and create your own intimacy. In both cases you share a common experience you can discuss later and get inspired. The setting can gradually change with your experience.


Level of excitement during tantra massage

Tantra massage leads to a deep relaxing of both receivers, opening a feeling of sensuality and new ways of excitement. The feeling of intimacy with a masseur  same as intimacy in a pair lead to an intense feeling of happiness accompanied by euphoric and ecstatic states. That is the reason why tantra massages are popular with  men, women and couples . The level of openness of each individual varies a lot and what applies with individual receivers of tantra massage does not necessarily need to suit a pair.

Some couples  wish to enjoy partner tantra massage as a sensual foreplay that will make them sensitive, relaxed and tuned to making love they wish to finish the ritual. Tantra is a celebration of connection between a man and a woman and finishing a massage this way is naturally possible. A masseurs  leave the partners in a certain phase of massage and let them please each other.

Another option for couples  is enjoying tantra massage in its full form and discovering the limits of own pleasure. It is necessary the partners make clear what is or isn’t correct and speak about such issues prior to the massage. The feelings during tantra massage ritual can be quite intense and even orgasm can be reached. If one of the partners is not fine with that, it is required to work with distributing sexual energy through the body from the start so that no orgasm happens.

Often undefined limits or wishes are the cause of disappointment. You should consider where your tantra ought to get in order to enjoy it mutually most and it was a pleasant pair experience. In case each partner desires something else we recommend taking things step by step and respecting the limits of the more moderate partner. If a massage is a pleasant experience for both partners you can soon repeat it and push the limits a bit further. A negative experience can discourage you from experimenting for a while so you should be most sensitive to each other.

Our time after massage

Following tantra massage you are open and able to accept new things well. Use the time to take a pleasant walk or sit down to a nice meal or a drink to discuss what you experienced during tantra massages; what you liked and would wish your partner to do to you too. You might get surprised your partner will touch you just the way you like it from now on...

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