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Within each tantric ritual, an introductory interview takes place, during which you learn about the basic principles of tantra and can talk about your expectations and ideas.

Treat yourself with extraordinary experience in the form of a professional tantric massage
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Tantra massage EXPLORER

1,30 h | 170 EUR

The Gay Tantra massage EXPLORER contains an introduction to tantra and talking about expectations, time for a shower and 1,5hrs caressing work with your body on a basic level.

Short Tantra Ritual of life-giving sexual energy, during which you pleasantly relax your body and mind. It includes an I nitial interview to build trust, pressure massage and washing with hot towels, caressing and petting with soft feathers and furs, relaxing full body massage with hot natural oil and intimate massage of the lingam, during which you experience rise and decline you energy in waves and feel it all through your body. 
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Tantra massage FLOW

2 h | 220 EUR

The 2hrs Gay Tantra Ritual contains an introduction to tantra and talking about expectations, time for a shower and 2hrs caressing and energetic work with your whole body. 2hrs are the best choice for your first visit.


From the 2hrs (or longer) Ritual, I integrate all aspects and energetic elements of Tantra Massage including, hot towels (water), hot lava stones (earth), hot oil (fire) and several soft objects (air), and more ... 

Luxurious Tantra Ritual which let you experience the pinnacle of our your tantra guide's skills. Discover new ways to experience your sexuality and excitement and learn tantric techniques of energy management in order to deepen your experience. Massage with hot towels to release tense muscles, soft and gentle pampering fur and feathers, sensual relaxing full body massage with warm scented oil and hot lava stones massage that will stimulate your energy. Prolonged intimate massage of Lingam, will take you into an indescribable state of pleasure and relief.

Tantra ritual JORNEY

2,30h | 270 EUR

   3h  | 320 EUR

Extended versions of Gay Tantra Ritual contains same aspects as shorter versions. It would be your choice if you need deep healing refresh after difficult period of your life, let time just flow and experience peace  in your body or if you know that to get relaxed and get used to be in new situations would take you bit longer, if you are shy or you wanna bring some topic to work on with me.


Those who took the chance to learn more about tantra understand it as a path of personal and sexual development needs enough time.

I will guide you step by step to develop everything tantra promises. I assist you with specific breathing, energy, and touches, you will more and more learn to create an emotional release, the release of muscle tension, ecstatic arousal, ... all guided by your sustainably increasing love & sexual energy.


​ Everything can be, nothing has to.



4 hand Tantra rituals


Allow yourself an experience of a perfect harmony and synchronous touches  through four hand massage practised by two at once. Combination of two different  male energy in embracing synchronisation, get lost in a plenty of beautiful touches all over your body. You will feel like heavenly paradise. Touches of 4 hands will let you deeply relax in meditation and live the moment of a unique experience. No place on your body will remain left out.

1,30 h| 300 EUR

2 h     | 390 EUR
2,30h | 490 EUR


Couple Ritual

1,30 h| 300 EUR

2 h     | 400 EUR
2,30h | 500 EUR

Partner tantra massage is an exciting gift for freshly in love couples and a pleasant and hot experience for stable pairs. Gift an unforgettable experience! You have choice to receive in one room or be in separated rooms.


Have you and your partner decided to enjoy a partner tantra massage together? Do you want to enjoy the massage to the maximum instead of regretting? Click at read more below that is based on experience of many couples  that have tried our partner tantra massage and shared their experience with us. Tantra massage for pairs is a specific and sensitive discipline that needs to be considered with special perspective not to disturbed the integrity of a couple coming to enjoy it. Sensitively done tantra massage can have an enriching effect and bring fresh air into their intimate life.

Additional rituals on request

Tantra Bath Ritual


Like the ritual baths of ancient Rome or the famous Hammam has had important roles in every ancient civilization not in vain. Bath rituals cleanse your body and mind, revitalize your aura and allow you to feel more in the present moment. In the bath you can also experience highly regressive states under the guidance of your therapist who is using elements from WATSU (water shiatsu) where he floats with you rhythmically in our large bath and applies his knowledge of ritual baths. Aromatic oils, Dead Sea salt, flowers, herbs and milk are added to the bath. Ritulal bath is our specialty and we highly recommend adding it to your massage.



Can be part of 2h ritual and longer

Prostate massage 

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The prostate is one of the most important endocrines in a male body and it is sometimes called the male G-spot. It is located inside the pelvis. Massaging the prostate brings deep and intense feelings, by most men undiscovered yet. Its regular massage helps healthy issues and is beneficial in case of acute problems.


Prostate massage can help you in releasing negative emotions like fear and shame. It is also recommended during irregular sexual life. The prostate massage starts from outside massaging the perineum, a place between the scrotum and the anus until we move to a direct massage through the anus. Naturally, your tantric guide has a sensitive and safe approach using tender massage oil or a lubricant and latex gloves.


1 h | 150 EUR


During the latest decades, this Japanese erotic procedure has become famous worldwide. If you wish to try a nuru massage yourselves. I provide original experience by using nuru gel and all necessary equipment , other masseurs often use just oil or lubricant because the gel can get pricy however its all about gel and only nuru gel can give us full experience in combination of special vinyl sheet and sophisticated body to body movements.

  • One of, if not the most sensually riveting experience

  • Original nuru gel being heated and used to amplify every touch

  • Direct body to body contact

  • Intense orgasmic states

  • Emotionally liberating experience

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