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Hygiene first.

During Tantric massage, it is very important to feel comfortable together, both as a client and as a masseur. You are expected to be neat and clean all over. Fresh breath is a must! Tantra massage is an intimate ritual where we are really close to each other, nothing can ruin the flow and connection like unpleasant breath, odorous feet or private parts. If you are coming from work or elsewhere you can take a shower and ask me for a spare new toothbrush - I am happy to provide it.

What I can expect to experience?

It depends on what you and your body need. It can be a relaxing, healing or highly sensual erotic experience - or all of them combined in the spirit of the massage. Everybody experiences it differently. Tantra treats your emotional body, therefore your emotions and your true self are highly welcomed. You can bring whatever bothers you in your life to the table - I will be an active, discreet listener.

Will I be naked during the massage?

In Tantric massage, nudity is considered a sign of openness and understanding of one's own body. It makes it easier to get rid of all emotional blockages and shame and just enjoy the pleasures of freedom and relaxation. During the massage, you are naked - covered only by a sarong, which I gradually remove. I start out in a sarong as well and usually disrobe during the massage. It all depends on mutual trust.

Is sex part of the massage and can I touch the masseur during the massage?


Tantric massage is not about mutual sexual exchange, but about discovering sexuality within your body - full immersion into one’s self and one's own intimacy. Therefore, during Tantric massage you are mostly playing a receiving role. It all depends on how safe and comfortable I feel with you. Tantra must be an authentic experience that can happen only when there is full trust and a safe space. You can forget everything you have learned and discover something new, something enriching and inspiring that can affect your whole life. Something much more profound than an erotic, happy-end massage. I am there for you if you are kind and respectful to me.

What if I get an erection during the massage?

You probably will. Or perhaps not. There is almost nothing unsuitable or inappropriate within Tantric massage. Intimate stimulation is an integral part of Tantric massage and has energising and healing effects. It makes no demands and is most pleasant, regardless of whether you have an erection or not. Only your feelings and experiences are important.


Many men today are too focused on performance and achieving specific goals. Erection is perceived as an expression of masculinity and sexual success. As a result, men are under a lot of pressure, which can result in erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. In tantric massage, the presence of an erection does not determine the degree of your masculinity. You feel respect and acceptance of who you are and how you experience things. Thanks to this approach, Tantric massage is free of prejudice and expectations and can be a healing process during which you allow your body to be authentic and natural.

                           What if I have an orgasm during the massage?
Does every massage end with a "Happy End"?

Orgasm is a spontaneous and natural reaction of the body to a high degree of arousal. During Tantric massage, all the natural reactions of your body are accepted. It doesn't matter if you experience an orgasm physically or not.


Tantra is original because it teaches to experience, for many, the yet unknown full-body orgasm - which is a state of absolute bliss that is independent of physical orgasm (ejaculation). This internal orgasm is characterised by a complete loss of conscious control, complete surrender to physical experience. You will feel energy and bliss throughout the body, which lasts long after the massage itself. Let things flow and find out what feelings Tantra massage will arouse in your body and mind.

Is Tantra you provide only for gays?

I primarily work with (gay) men but I don't label. It's not important if you identify as gay, straight, bi, if you are married with a woman or you simply don't know who you really are or what you like. I don't judge and it's not important for us to know. What is important that you are open-minded enough, courageous, honest and curious to discover together. Our massage rooms are safe spaces where you can express whatever you are afraid to express in the outside world. I respect your privacy fully and assure you that what is said or done within the safe space of the massage room, stays in the massage room after you leave. We can pick it up again at our next meeting.

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