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Tantra for men by men

It is obvious that homosexual men and bisexuals — men who live with women — think about it. Surprisingly, Tantra massage for men by men also attracts open-minded heterosexuals who are curious and want to experience intimacy with another man. Read about the differences of Tantra for men by men, our own experience, what role is played by dominance and submissiveness, and who most often goes looking for them.

The dynamics of sexual energy between the receiver and a giver play an important role during tantra massage and people often think hard about who they choose as their tantra massage guide. Of course there is considerable difference between a massage done by a woman and a man. Let´s see some deciding factors influencing a choice of a man coming to the massage in direction to choose a man as a giver. 

for men by men
Tantra massage for bisexuals and gays 

Contrary to most women, men usually have no problem to intimately open themselves to a stranger on a physical level. That is why most women choose a giver according to their sexual preferences; that is mostly females but also there is a group of men who hesitate. If we talk about a homosexual man the choice of a male giver is obvious because his touching and closeness is according to his preferences and is attractive hence awaking sexual energy tantra works with during massage. Bisexual men or men with completely radically straight orientation have a more difficult choice; whether to experience female tenderness or firmer yet still pleasant male touch? Once decisive factor can be the understanding a man knows male body better than a woman so he has higher chances of spotting what a particular client needs. According to our experience another factor is even more important, and that is a change. While a bisexual man living with a male partner often prefers a massage done by a woman, a man with the same preference living with a female partner often with a family wants a change in his life and gets a male giver for a tantra massage. This way both can experience another part of their sexuality than they are used to at home without any shame of cheating. 

Tantra massage for men done by a man for heterosexuals

The largest group of men that are attracted to women might not even consider thinking about having a massage done by men. Nevertheless even here there are many pro reasons, one of which is in my opinion better self-understanding. Today plenty of taboos have been eliminated and some heterosexual men with an open mind want to experiment and try out intimacy with a man just to know what it feels like, to enjoy new feelings and have a new perspective. Tantra massage from a man can be the appropriate entry gate to unknown world though it is a very intimate and limit shifting experience that has firm barriers and provides a safe framework for understanding own feelings and experience. A receiver can stop a giver whenever they like and everything can happen even without an intimate part of a massage. If a client wants to share his experience or initial worries, it is obvious that a masseur is available before and after the massage and can discuss all issues in an intimate and trustful atmosphere. 

Active / passive role in accepting tantra massage

A tantra ritual accepted from a man can differ in other ways. It is based on experiencing male and female roles or activity and passivity. No matter from whom the client gets a massage, he still remains in a passive role of a receiver and can simply enjoy whatever is given to him. Many men have problems with a passive role as they are used to giving and directing intimate moments. When they are taking care of by a woman it can be quite unusual and based on their experience and instincts they tend to please her as well. If a giver is a male masseur they he is perceived more dominant and there is no issue regarding accepting care from him. A man can enjoy his passive “female” role with a male giver paradoxically more than being taken care of by a woman. 

Tantra massage for men can be an experience in accordance with a particular sexual preference as well as extraordinary adventure or a way of knowledge and provides quite a different dynamics than a massage given by a woman. Same as any massage it is recommended to take enough time to be free after the massage to let the experience sink in and think about them in depth. 

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