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Ritual beginnings

Tantra massage begins with a ritual in an upright position as an expression of respect towards the receiver and attunement to each other. You needn’t do anything at all; your masseur or masseuse will take care of everything. You simply follow along with the awakening of your senses, as your attention is sharpening and light waves are flowing through your body. The moment you receive that first embrace, you’ll find your thoughts have come to a halt and you can only enjoy the sensations and touches. During the opening ritual, you are relieved of your sarong - probably without even consciously noticing it.

Massage, massage and massage

Before you know it, you are lying on a comfortable futon with your heart fluttering and feeling light as a feather. A massage frees you from tension and stress through long strokes and pleasant touches on your head, feet and trapezius back muscles. Then your masseur or  masseuse will use hot towels steeped in essential oils to carry you into deep relaxation and more intense physical sensations. Your sensitised body is then massaged with furs, feathers and soft objects so that titillating excitement flows all throughout. Lifting this sensual experience further upwards is a full-body massage with warm oriental oils. Each part of the body is massaged into full relaxation and is attentively spoiled to the limits. Within Tantra Massage ‘DeLuxe’, you’ll also enjoy hot lava stones that spark a wildfire of energy at the first chakra level and warm you up with volcanic heat from Hawaii. As you are lying down, filled with sensual feelings, you inch forward to the moment of full release …

Intimate massage

Very slowly, your masseur or masseuse starts approaching your most intimate parts. You release all shame and the only thing you desire is to feel their sensitive hands. You knew beforehand that a part of Tantra is also an intimate massage of the joni or lingam but you could have never imagined what it would be like. Energy is flowing from your privates up the spine to your head and you are starting to truly grasp what Tantra means. You begin to recall what you heard about breathing at the beginning and focus on harnessing the awakened energy inside. The hands of the giver are all over you. They help you breathe and let energy course all through your body and as you take another breath they lead you further towards your truest self. In complete devotion or openness, there is no thought; the energy between the two of you is almost palpable. There is no pressure, no expectations. You slowly lose yourself in time and space as your body fills up further with energy that nurtures and heals you. Bliss takes over completely.

Closing relaxation

As you are lying down on the futon with your eyes reopening, you let the whole experience sink in. Your masseur or masseuse is there with you, softly caressing you and guiding the energy all over till it settles. You may need an embrace or hand to hold or time to talk about your experience. There is space for everything and everything is welcome. Then you can lie on your own to purify yourself. Hot water is flowing down your body and you are still wondering what just happened. You feel at peace and that’s what matters.

Saying good-bye

After you put your clothes back on again, you can invite me to listen to your experience, wishes, discoveries or questions. As you head back home, you hold space to think about what you experienced in-depth.

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