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My name is David. I am an intelligent, reflective, open and spontaneous young man who was born in the Czech republic and who practices dynamic tantra massage full of intimacy and sensual playfulness. Because of my natural sense of humor, gentle character and honesty, you will soon feel relaxed and self-aware in my presence. I love my job because its also my hobby and life style together. I look forward to every new client. I am trying to always keep positive, energy and good mood. I am well-trained I have 3 months tantric courses and more than 2 years experiences. I hope you will experience moments that you will never forget with me.


Since I was a child, I have been in love with nature, especially animals. For me, animals like dogs are pure souls… a dog will love you for who you are, he does not care what you look like, what you are wearing at that moment or whether you have or don't have any money. He simply enjoys every moment with you. And this is why I can fully relax while walking through the zoo or a forest. Also, I am very passionate about cooking, especially when I have a reason to cook for somebody. The biggest enemy in my life is prejudices and I try to overcome and break it whenever I can. I tend to show people that they must look deeper and consider each person individually. There is no need to be afraid of the unknown and it is worth getting to know something before you judge it.

Why the tantra massage?

For me, tantra is something I had already been unconsciously familiar with long before I underwent my first tantra course. Tantra´s principles are already deeply rooted in each of us. For example, the feeling that you not only love someone but you also feel he/she is part of your inner world and you can experience all the beautiful moments each of us is longing for all of our lives with her/him. Tantra is sort of a recipe or, perhaps, a manual for baking a delicious pie while having all the ingredients inside of us. What I like about tantra is also the fact that there is no rush for anything: it is simply a possibility and it is up to you whether you accept it, or not, or even how far you may want to go. I find true pleasure and satisfaction in showing this path to my clients and exploring with them where it can lead. Nowadays, we live in a very fast-paced world with specific and preferred models of behavior distancing us from our real selves.


Tantra helps you to find your natural self.


I am happy to be your guide on this beautiful and exciting journey.

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