,, All we have is now!``

Hey guys, what to say …🧐

Coming from a family where my dad most likely ignored me since I was born and having people pleasing loving mum👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. I received great collections of childhood traumas like not feeling good enough,  low self esteem, introverted, shy and quiet. I was a bit weirdoe with strong glasses with one covered eye and on top of that dental braces up and down🐛🐛🐛. , I had not the best  results at school and little friends. I find myself having a lot of pets and my lovely dog which I could always escape, being in nature and spending time at my lovely grandparents was giving me straight and love I needed.

Somehow I managed to finish high school of hotels and tourism, moved to Prague and had my first job as barista in Coffee shop.🎓🎓

When I was just 22👼 I discovered Tantra and my hidden talent of touch i never thought i have. 🙌I have started my  healing journey. I have found my hobby, job and life purpose in one. I healed lot of my childhood  wounds  and  started to bloom to young, free, independent men. It's not just Tantra and touch, but I am into new massage techniques, new forms of psychology and everything related to self healing  and life development. I like to understand people and their struggles, guide them on their challenging  life journeys. Teach people what we were never teached at school, how to develop our emotional intelligence, have healthy relationships, how touch is important, know our boundaries and how to live a happy life. 🫶

Life is about good balance. I like spirituality but at the same time I am very racional. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga are great tools, but sometimes best think you can do is just to tell someone to fuck off!😎

We all just wanted to be loved❤️ and happy 🎉which should be simple to reach. However, as we get ,,smarter” and more detached from our nature, it feels like we forget how to  take care of our emotions and well-being in a world driven by business and money making.

Our emotions are what makes us feel alive, our emotions are our memories.🤪😭🤬🤭🥹🙂😚😍🤩


I'm always looking forward to meet new clients and massage new stories . Let's connect!

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