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Tantra massuer David

,, All we have is now!``

Hi you,

I’d like to share a part of my story.


I come from a complicated family, where my dad was mostly absent since I was born and my mum was loving but highly naive and taking care to much what other people think about us. It led to me developing childhood traumas like not feeling good enough,  low self-esteem, being introverted, shy and quiet. I was a bit of an outsider - complete with thick glasses, one eye covered by a patch and braces to top it all off. I didn’t do well in school and had few friends. During these trying times, I also unpacked my gay identity which left me even more detached from others at school and fearful of my parents’ reaction and that of the people I loved. I surrounded myself with a lot of pets and a lovely dog whom I could always turn to. Spending time in nature and at my lovely grandparents’ their home was a pathway to coping with it all.

Somehow I managed to finish high school, focusing on hospitality and tourism, moved to Prague and landed my first job in travel agency and later as a barista in a coffee shop.


When I was only 22, I discovered Tantra and the hidden talent for touch I never thought I had. My healing journey began. I found my hobby, job and life purpose all in one. I closed a lot of my childhood wounds  and started to blossom into a young, free, thriving, independent and confident gay man. Not just Tantra and touch have interested me over the years, but I am also into discovering new massage techniques, new forms of psychology and everything related to self-healing and life development. I like to understand people and their struggles, guide them on their challenging life journeys. Teach people what we were never taught at school: how to develop our emotional intelligence and have healthy relationships, the importance of touch, knowing our boundaries and how to live a happy, honest life. 

Life is about good balance. I like spirituality but at the same time I am very rational. Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are great tools, but sometimes the best thing you can do is just to tell someone to fuck off!

With that said: I’m very much looking forward to connecting.

x David

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