I went today to Vinny for a two Hour Tantra Massage. It was realy a Great experience. I just can recommend him. He is a realy nice and friendly person.


It was a wonderfull experience. I learned a lot, enjoyed it and left Vinni with a feeling that my senses were brought to a higher level. And a lot of stress is whipped away. 


I had an amazing tantric massage today with Vinni. I was a little nervous going in, but he quickly settled my nerves and made me feel very comfortable. The massage was amazing and the connection I felt with him was profound. It was one of the more intimate experiences I have had all while he was very professional and sweet. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting an amazing tantric massage. I will come back to Prague just for another of his massages!

Stephen tyler Callea

“The tantra massage with Vinni was wonderful. He made the effort and took the time to explain everything to me. He enquired about my needs and in addition gave me very valuable tips.
The massage itself was incredibly good, I was totally relaxed at the end. I could sense, that Vinni loves his job. I felt safe and secure during the whole session. This great experience is hard to put into words, it was a very special moment.I was able to process many things from the past and felt a lot of love.
I can recommend everyone who wants to learn more about themselves and their bodies to make an appointment at Tantra Rituals.“


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